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If You Are Thirsty, Drink



This illustration is based on a part of C. S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. In the Silver Chair, there is a scene where one of the main characters, a little girl comes upon a stream desperately thirsty. But there is a gigantic lion laying close by so she hesitates. The lion speaks to her and says, if you are thirsty, drink. She is quite afraid, but decides to trust to lion and drink.
 I am not sure how others will interpret this scene, but I loved the idea of thinking of Aslan as Jesus Christ who frequently describes himself as the living water and invites us to partake. Sometimes, it is hard to do, but if we will trust him, he can satisfy our longing for spiritual joy.
 This large illustration was created on illustration board. It was drawn entirely with Prismacolor pencils. This original is sized 18x20 inches and does not come framed. If you would like to have it framed, it will be an additional cost. Please contact Christina to discuss options if you are interested.

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