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The Prophet's Place



The Prophet's Place shows the Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; President Nelson. He is centered between the hands of God and his own hands. God's hands are showering down symbolic power, knowledge and direction onto the prophet's head, and he, in turn, offers that to us. 

President Nelson's power he offers to all of us is in the shape of an orb. It is not specifically meant to be the liahona, a seer store or any other significant orb in our church's history but rather all in one - meaning the power of God that is manifest in those orbs, and additionally all the power the prophet holds and offers to us though his words and actions. 

His hands are outstretched. It is an offering. He does not force us to accept the wisdom he's received from God to guide us. But we are responsible to reach out and take it - and then incorporate it into our lives. 

The prophet is a man. But he holds a sacred called and occupied a sacred place as a conduit between God and us on earth. 

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