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Under the Umbrella Of His Love



I have drilled holes into Christ's hands. Unframed, you can look right through them. I wanted this poignant detail to emphasize that Christ suffered for us and he will never forget or forsake us. ALL of us. No one of his children will be overlooked. He suffered - and the holes in his hands are a reminder of that.
o The many cut paper portraits are supposed to represent many different kinds of people - all loved and accepted by Jesus. Even though they are dressed in vastly different ways, have different skin colors, and many other differences they are all still encompassed in his love.
o Christ's arms are extended to embrace all these people in his love, but his extended arms are also part of a plea to all of us. He stands waiting, with open arms, for us to come to him. His open arms are a plea for ALL of us to change, repent, and follow him.
o This original is offered including the frame - a simple black shadowbox frame with museum glass and wire so it is ready to hang.

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