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Jesus Lover Of My Soul

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This entire work is one big symbol of Jesus and the plan of salvation. The lower portion represents the lone and dreary wilderness/the bleak and miserable parts of living on Earth. The top portion represents the Celestial kingdom and it is covered by a veil – in this case, the stained-glass window.


The two worlds are separated by a grape vine with nails protruding from it. These two different worlds can be bridged though Jesus Christ – who is the ultimate lover of our souls.

Available Original Artwork

The creative process behind each piece is labor-intensive. I’ve built up these skills though 4 years of study in college and 7 years after that, but beyond this, each hour drawing hones my skill further; these works of art represent a lifetime of learning.


But why is an original priced so much higher than a print? Easy. There are potentially limitless prints and will continue to be limitless prints as long as people want them. There is only one original. Only one person can own it at a time. And often, the value will increase with time as the artist (hopefully) becomes more known.   


Additionally, many of my pieces are created to be viewed in their original form. The way the light plays off of the reflective surface, or the depth created by the protruding hand versus the shallowness of the face. These elements are often hard if not impossible to reproduce in the best of prints.


View my available original work below.

The Prophet's Place

The Prophet's Place shows the Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; President Nelson. He is centered between the hands of God and his own hands. God's hands are showering down symbolic power, knowledge and direction onto the prophet's head, and he, in turn, offers that to us. 

President Nelson's power he offers to all of us is in the shape of an orb. It is not specifically meant to be the liahona, a seer store or any other significant orb in our church's history but rather all in one - meaning the power of God that is manifest in those orbs, and additionally all the power the prophet holds and offers to us though his words and actions. 

If You Are Thirsty, Drink


This illustration is based on a part of C. S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. In the Silver Chair, there is a scene where one of the main characters, a little girl comes upon a stream desperately thirsty. But there is a gigantic lion laying close by so she hesitates. The lion speaks to her and says, if you are thirsty, drink. She is quite afraid, but decides to trust to lion and drink. 

Provo City Center Temple

Screen Shot 2023-09-06 at 10.01.05 PM.png

The Provo City Center Temple was renovated/built while I was a student at BYU. I find it's historical background and symbology so beautiful and it touches me so much. I just cannot get enough of the idea that a tabernacle burned down, but was rebuilt. From the ashes, Jesus transformed it into something celestial and beautiful that will last forever. We too are going to be figuratively burned by our own sins and the terrible misfortunes of the world - perhaps the sins of others as well. But we too can become something new - something so much grander than just a tabernacle. We can become holy through Jesus Christ. 

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Dirty Paintbrushes

about me.

Hello, I'm Christina. Life's simple pleasures bring me immense joy, and I find my greatest happiness in the sweet moments I share with my two beautiful girls and my loving husband.

My love for chocolate is a well-known fact among my family and friends. Whether it's savoring a decadent bar of dark chocolate or whipping up a batch of gooey chocolate chip cookies, I believe that life is just a bit sweeter when there's chocolate involved. It's the ultimate comfort food that never fails to lift my spirits.

Utah's bright and endless sunshine is like a daily dose of happiness for me. The warmth on my skin and the clear blue skies never cease to amaze. But I also find joy in the rare moments when rain graces our dry desert state, and I can feel the refreshing drops on my face. It's a reminder of the beauty and diversity that nature brings into our lives.

I love my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I'm privileged to spend much of my time serving the people around me via the church. Much of my art is religious as it is a core passion in my soul.

I'm privileged to be a professional artist and I thank you for helping that be a reality for me. 

Highlghed Availabl Art


T. 385-326-4120  |

I'd truly love to hear from you. Please DO reach out with any little question at all. Or if you love one of my artworks or even hate one of my artworks; tell me what drew your attention or ire. Anything you wish to tell me is welcome.

Just send me a message below. :)

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